Fish Stocking

Fish stocking is the process of raising fish in a hatchery and releasing them into a waterway, lake or pond to supplement existing populations, to create a population where none exists, or to provide biological control of aquatic weeds. A healthy and diverse fish population is an important part of creating an environmentally balanced waterway.

Benefits of Fish Stocking

Fish stocking can provide many benefits such as:

  • Controlling:
    • undesirable weeds
    • mosquitoes
    • frogs and toads
    • midges (blind mosquitoes)
    • insects and
    • other aquatic pests
  • augmenting existing fisheries
  • creating new fisheries
  • providing a recreational asset for enjoyment
  • helping to absorb nutrients in the water

Fish stocking must be conducted responsibly to conserve and protect biodiversity.

Be sure the fish stocking company you choose is licensed and offers a fish stocking analysis to determine which species need to be stocked to get your lakes and fish population back in "balance." Your fish stocking service provider should recommend proper stocking rations and species according to your goals for your ponds or lakes.

Some commonly stocked fish species and their advantages in South Florida are described below:

Largemouth Bass

  • most popular game fish in the United States,
  • control pest, frog and toad populations by consuming insects and tadpoles.
  • fun little game fish
  • excellent bait for larger fish like Largemouth Bass and Walleye
Channel Catfish
  • a preferred fish to catch
  • help clean the aquatic ecosystem, by scavanging the bottom of waterways eating:
    • aquatic insects
    • snails
    • crawfish
    • green algae
    • aquatic plants
    • small fish
Triploid Grass Carp
(special license required for fish stocking)
  • efficiently control some types of plants, such as hydrilla
  • help avoid excessive use of non-biological agents
  • provide long-term control
  • provide biological control of aquatic weeds

By hiring a licensed, insured and reputable fish stocking company, you can ensure your residents and neighbors a balanced, healthy fish population.

For more information about South Florida fish stocking contact or call 954.382.9766 and ask for Andy Fuhrman.

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